Deliveries between 9.00am to 4.00pm Tuesday to Friday


My suburb isn't on your list of delivery areas, can I still get a delivery?

We're limiting our delivery areas initially as we gear up to service the whole of metro Brisbane. Bear with us as we put procedures and processes in place and gauge whatever demand we might have for home deliveries. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will post updates on delivery areas as they are added.

How do I use the Click & Collect?

If you'd like to place a Click & Collect order using the online portal, simply select your most convenient pick-up location and follow the prompts. Phone thru your order if you prefer.

If I want something not listed on your site, can I still add it to my order ?

Yes, of course. Just phone through and tell us what you'd like.

How long will my order last once delivered ?                                              

Your order is chilled right up to the time it arrives at your door. It will stay chilled for at least ten hours in the foam esky provided. It will need to be placed into your fridge as soon as possible after unpacking. 

Do you keep a record of my credit card details ?

No, definitely not. We use the SHOPIFY secure payment system. We cannot see your card details and they are then discarded by the system straight after approval. 

Do I need to be at home, work, or other requested delivery address to receive my order ?

You don't have to be at home for your delivery. Our foam eskies will stay cold for at least ten hours. We strive to leave your box in a shaded area if available, but it is recommended that you have a designated area away from dogs or crows. A heavy blanket would foil the best attempts of most pests.

There was a problem with my order, what can you do about it ?

We will replace any meat you are not satisfied with, but only if we can pick it back up. This is to ascertain the origin of the problem in order to improve our quality assurance. We will always provide a solution to any unsatisfactory order.






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